F.M.Alexander (1869-1955) was an Australian actor and reciter who became hoarse during performances to such an extent that his career was threatened. Finding doctors unable to help, Alexander reasoned that the problems were caused by the way he interfered with his natural co-ordination and functioning. After several years of patient observation and experiment, he developed a new approach to co-ordination and movement ,that removed his voice problem and greatly improved his health.

The Alexander technique is a simple yet highly effective way of releasing muscular tension throughout the body. It can teach individuals new ways of sitting, standing and moving which puts much less strain on muscles, bones and joints. (Brennan 1996) The recognition and prevention of habitual unnecessary muscular tension can enable better co-ordination in all kinds of daily activities. Along with greater ease in movement it can also lead to improved posture and a heightened sense of well being.

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