As we grow up into adults, habits develop, which interfere with natural coordination and functioning. In young children it is normal to see an alertness and poise that allows them to sit, stand and move gracefully and without strain. Yet as adults this same poise is often lost and bad habits take over.

Teachers gently use their hands and verbal instructions to help the pupil recognise and release inappropriate tension and encourage the correct head/neck/back relationship. This head/neck/back relationship is particularly important to improve balance, co-ordination and reduce muscular tension. By using their hands the teacher is able to assess the way the pupil moves, help prevent excess tension and encourage the pupil to use themselves in a new and different way.

The technique may be applied to simple everyday activities such as going from standing to sitting and vice versa, as well as walking, bending lifting, swimming, playing golf, running, lying down, climbing stairs, sitting at a desk and speaking.

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