The Alexander Technique can help to overcome naturally back pain, neck pain, joint pain, poor posture, muscle tension, stiffness, breathing problems, respiratory problems, vocal problems and anxiety. It is taught in Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, Suffolk

A randomised control trial by Little et al (2008) published in the British Medical Journal identifed that lessons in the Alexander Technique have long term benefits for people suffering from chronic back pain.

The technique can help to :-

Improve Posture

Back, neck and joint pain

Breathing and vocal problems

Anxiety and stress- related conditions

Increased muscular tension is one of the side effects of coping with the fast pace of life. Long working hours and disturbed sleeping patterns often result in an inability to learn how to stop and relax properly. The greater the pressure to succeed and achieve more, the more stress and tension that is generated, putting enormous strain on ourselves. We often expect to have to cope with the resulting backaches, headaches, tiredness and stiffness as if they are part of living. Even exercise can compound muscular aches and pains if undertaken using habitual patterns of tension.

The Alexander Technique teaches individuals to recognise and prevent habitual responses to life that lead to poor posture and re-educate the body to prevent damage.

Alison Hasselder teaches the Alexander Technque in various locations in Suffolk

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